The Walking Dead – “30 Days Without an Accident”

It’s raining men, you guys. The season four premiere of The Walking Dead, ominously titled “30 Days Without an Accident,” gives us a couple accidents. Oh, and Rick is a farmer now, so there’s that.

Not a lot happens in the first half of the episode. We see life in the prison with the new residents from Woodbury, post-Governor chaos. Michonne comes back from looking for the Governor empty handed. Glenn is even more protective of Maggie. Rick doesn’t like guns anymore, and throws one away that he finds while farming. Hershel teaches him a few things about plants, and yada, yada, yada. He goes out to check their traps in the woods (with a gun, after a push from Hershel) and stumbles upon a crazy, dirty Irish lady because why not? She leads him back to her camp to meet her husband. Rick says if they answer three questions, he’ll consider bringing them back to the prison. When they get there, Rick sees too late that her husband is just a head in a bag. She tries to stab Rick for food for her husband, but he throws her to the ground. She stabs herself so she can be with her husband in the undead afterlife. Before she dies, she asks Rick what his three questions were: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why? He leaves her to die (and then come back) and goes back to the prison.

Meanwhile, Darryl, Michonne, Glenn, and some new guys, including Beth’s new boyfriend, go out on a run to the local abandoned grocery store… only it’s not so abandoned! There’s a crashed military helicopter on the roof and walkers are falling through the ceiling. They fight them off, but not before Beth’s boyfriend gets bitten and turns. When the rest get back, Daryl tells Beth he died, and she just says, “Okay.” She doesn’t cry anymore, so she says. She’s just happy to have known him. She takes the “3” off the “Days Without an Accident” board, resetting it to zero.

"Remember when I tried to kill myself?  Yeah that happened."

“Remember when I tried to kill myself? Yeah that happened.”

On a side note, why is Carol teaching the little kids to use knives? This seems like a complete 180 for her, but maybe now that she’s around kids again, she wants them to be able to protect themselves, unlike Sophia. That seems like the only explanation to me. Carl’s nerdy sort-of-friend Patrick excuses himself from story/knife time with Carol because he’s sick. He takes a shower with his clothes on(?) and collapses. Then dies. Then comes back as a walker. What?? He wasn’t bitten or anything, so how did he die? If he can die in the safety of the prison, then is anyone else safe?

If this hadn’t been the season premiere, I would have called this a filler episode. However, I’ll allow it because it let’s us see where these people have been for the last few months. New showrunner Scott Gimple and Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead said tonight that the season gets more and more intense, especially episode two (titled “Infected”), so I’m still very excited for the potential of season four.

Lastly, I think I’m going to start giving actual grades in my reviews, so here it goes:


“30 Days Without an Accident”: B+


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