Wilfred – “Uncertainty” & “Comfort”

Season three of FX’s (and possibly television’s) most surreal comedy returned tonight with two new episodes. Premiere episode “Uncertainty” opens with Ryan dealing with the fact that Wilfred is in a drawing from his childhood. His only explanation is mental illness, but Wilfred’s explanation is that he’s “magical.” After a nice glass of antifreeze, Wilfred ends up with a doctor who says the microchip in him says he belongs in Sacramento. Wilfred and Ryan take a road trip only to find out that Wilfred’s previous owner had him cloned. The clone, named Stinky (which seems to have been Wilfred’s previous name), is basically a spoiled version of Wilfred with an ascot and a different accent. Wilfred is originally jealous of everything he could have had, but soon learns that he and Stinky are very similar: they both like to badmouth cuckoo birds and rub themselves on the sofa.

Ryan is skeptical of Wilfred’s reasoning and behavior until he finds a green hippo in the house that Wilfred mentioned on arrival. Ryan starts to believe that Wilfred may in fact be a magical being. On the way home, Wilfred tells Ryan that maybe he should drink some antifreeze too just to end everything. He considers in until Wilfred uses the word “dalliance,” letting Ryan know that it’s not Wilfred, but Stinky – they switched places. Ryan turns the car around and gets Wilfred back, who is dressed up in a superhero costume and having his picture taken. (Stinky tricked Wilfred while he was busy with stuffed giraffes and cocaine.) At home, Ryan and Wilfred burn the drawing, saying “the answers will come in good time.” Later that night, however, wilfred buries the drawing in the yard. So, either he switched it before burning it, or he had another copy. Or he is magical…

Yeah... "Magical."

Yeah… “Magical.”

In “Comfort,” Ryan talks with Jenna and Drew, who invite him to dinner to meet a couple they met on their cruise to Mexico. Wilfred thinks they died, so Ryan has to explain that people don’t die when they go somewhere (Marley & Me is a lot sadder than Wilfred thought). Ryan lets mailman Bill in to use the restroom, and they later go out for a beer, leaving Wilfred in the car. Baking in the hot car, Wilfred is freed by a homeless man he mistakes for Jesus and believes he has been saved by the Lord. Ryan believes Wilfred to be putting on an act to get back at him for hanging out with the mailman. Ryan comes home to find Wilfred and Bear getting married in the basement. Ryan can’t find his weed, and Wilfred says he (tried to) flush it down the toilet, leading to Wilfred baptizing him in the toilet bowl.

Ryan blows off the dinner with Jenna and Drew to hang out with Bill and his mailmen and women friends. Wilfred crashes the party, saying God broke in Ryan’s house and stole his television. He begins chanting about fire and brimstone to the mailmen and knocks a candle into a box of fireworks. Luckily, they don’t go off, and Ryan takes them outside. Wilfred denounces God when the fireworks go off, and he urinates on the floor out of fear. The next day, Ryan apologizes to Jenna for skipping dinner. Jenna tells him about a boyfriend in high school who hid an shopping addiction from her. Turns out he was gay. They reschedule dinner, when they can hopefully have the talk they need.

Since the first season, Wilfred has delved deeper and deeper into the series’ mythology – much deeper than the original Australian series. Whether Ryan is in fact mentally ill, Wilfred is magical, or there is some other explanation, I am more intrigued by the questions raised by this comedy than many dramas.


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